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Year Round Jersey Surf

June 04, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

When you think surfing and places to surf, you may envision places like Pipeline, Mavericks, Bells, Rincon.  These are truly amazing places with perfectly formed waves,  and sweet barrels.  Places like New Jersey generally don't come to mind, as Jersey doesn't have the crystal clear water or a consistent wave like many other spots around the world.  But, there is surf.  Some seasons, there is amazing surf. _DSC0629_DSC0629

Winter surf often has solid over head waves with waters hitting low temperatures in the 30 degree range.  5mil wet suit, boots, hood, and gloves are a must.  Huge surf often follows severe winter storms, often resulting in waters that resembles chocolate milk rather than the typical ocean blue/green.   _DSC8281jenkssnowBrianFoley_DSC8281jenkssnowBrianFoley

Frigidly cold waters accompanied by air temps hitting the single digits....It takes a special person, who truly loves to surf, to paddle out.  But, these are the days that makes Jersey a spot like no other.  These are the days surfers will drive from New York and PA to come and paddle out into the line up for a chance at a heavy Jersey barrel.   DSC_4594BWDEC10JenksDSC_4594BWDEC10Jenks

As Winter breaks, and waters warm and clean up, the gloves and boots come off.  Surf tends to settle down unless you know the right spots.  Wishes and hopes for a storm to come through are often heard when a long flat spell takes over.   _DSC0871wavesurfer_DSC0871wavesurfer

Flat spells in the summer can last for weeks, but as summer draws to an end and Hurricane season starts to hit it's peak, Jersey often gets lucky.  September marks the time when the Fosters Pro comes to Belmar. The cycle then starts all over again.  New Jersey, not just boardwalks, seaside amusements and casinos, but a great place to surf as well.  



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