Shore Shot Images: Photography by Mary Dunham | Guestbook
Karen Courtney'Flockhart(non-registered)
Hi I love viewing you photo's on Facebook. You really have a talent for capturing the beautiful world we live in! God blessed you with this wonderful gift ....
Marian Calabrese(non-registered)
First let me say thank you for sharing with all of your photography/art. I was wondering if you have any plans for a 2016 Calendar?
Beautiful site
Kathy Limyansky(non-registered)
What a talent you are blessed with! The power of water...After Hurricane Sandy I learned to respect the ocean and even though it took away almost everything I own, I still love to see the water and be near it! Looking forward to purchasing some of your magnificent wave shots when I start filling up my empty walls...All rebuilt and back in the game!!
Donna Young(non-registered)
You have a great eye, you should make a book of the ocean and seashore background package. Love your work.
Beautiful site.
Mike Y(non-registered)
Followed your link from the APP site - You have so many nice shots!
Denise DeVoti Sperrazza(non-registered)
You are so talented! Love your photos.
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