Karen Courtney'Flockhart(non-registered)
Hi I love viewing you photo's on Facebook. You really have a talent for capturing the beautiful world we live in! God blessed you with this wonderful gift ....
Marian Calabrese(non-registered)
First let me say thank you for sharing with all of your photography/art. I was wondering if you have any plans for a 2016 Calendar?
Beautiful site
Kathy Limyansky(non-registered)
What a talent you are blessed with! The power of water...After Hurricane Sandy I learned to respect the ocean and even though it took away almost everything I own, I still love to see the water and be near it! Looking forward to purchasing some of your magnificent wave shots when I start filling up my empty walls...All rebuilt and back in the game!!
Donna Young(non-registered)
You have a great eye, you should make a book of the ocean and seashore background package. Love your work.
Beautiful site.
Mike Y(non-registered)
Followed your link from the APP site - You have so many nice shots!
Denise DeVoti Sperrazza(non-registered)
You are so talented! Love your photos.
Mar just checked out your grudge match photos great job
even someone that doesn't surf has to appreciate the beauty of these shots
and the ability of these athletes
Mar great action shots of the blue claws
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