Snowy Owls Visit the Jersey Shore Winter 2014

June 04, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Some unexpected visitors came to the Jersey Shore during the brutally cold Winter of 2014.  The Arctic Snowy Owl with it's bright yellow eyes and enormous wing span, was spotted any where from beaches in Cape May all the way north to Sandy Hook.  This was highly unusual, but experts believe it was a very good breeding season and these owls moved south to look for  food, due to the population growth and competition for food in the Arctic.  In the Arctic, a small rodent known as a Lemming is a favorite food, but here along the Jersey Shore, small mice and other rodents probably filled their bellies.   DSC_2663SnowyOWLSH13DSC_2663SnowyOWLSH13

Snowies have incredible eye sight and generally hunt at night, dawn, and dusk.  They seemed to enjoy sitting high atop sand dunes, sign posts, and even roof tops.  Often times they would sit for hours in the same spot.  

DSC_3964SNOWYIBSPDSC_3964SNOWYIBSP These owls were virtually silent when they would take flight.  Absolutely breath taking to see.  Hoping they visit us again.



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